Credit Lines for Fix and Flips


People love the flexibility in line of credit programs for fix and flip commercial properties. You can have the cash you need to finance unpredictable expenses, while at the same time, avoid over-borrowing for your project. Commercial Mortgage Depot (CMD) can help you finance your next investment property sale through our Fix and Flip Lines […]

Commercial Loans


Commercial loans help investors and businesses grow their investments. There is an array of products and property types available. Depending on your needs, you can get fast and flexible financing. Commercial Mortgage Depot (CMD) helps business owners find great commercial loan rates in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Contact our offices in Clifton, […]

Rehab Loans


Are you a rehab real estate investor eager to take advantage of some of the new commercial properties on the market? Recent events in the economy are creating turn over in some rehab sites. Rehab Loans are a great way for commercial real estate investors to get quick financing to undertake rehab projects. Call the […]

Foreign National Loans


Are you a non-citizen and eager to join the booming real estate market in the United States? Do you want different requirements than more strict FHA loans? Foreign National Loans are a great way for commercial real estate investors that do not have citizenship get property in the United States. Call the Clifton, NJ office […]

Lite Document Loans


Lite document loans can be a great solution for borrowers who want to invest in property without a hassle. Many private lenders want to help you get efficient, fast approval. “Lite-doc mortgages” or “Lite-doc loans” are loans accept a variety of alternative financial documentation. Lite document loans are great for commercial real estate investors that […]

Nationwide Small Balance Loans


Nationwide small balance loans are a great option for businesses looking to finance some higher cost needs. They can also be used for refinancing a project. People love the flexible and streamlined process. The loans are usually large, Fannie Mae provides ones of up to $6 Million and Freddie Mac provides up to $7.5 Million. […]

SBA Loans


If you are a small business owner thinking about purchasing or renovating commercial real estate to expand your business, consider using the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lending program. Through this program, you may enjoy the same long-term, fixed-rate funding terms that larger firms benefit from. Rates are usually favorable, bond market costs. Commercial Mortgage […]

SBA 504 Loan Program


SBA 504 loans are available to for-profit, non-publicly traded businesses in the area that meet small business underwriting criteria. The program is for loan amounts that exceed the limits of the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan amount of $5,000,000. Financing can be secured to purchase commercial property, machinery, or equipment. Commercial Mortgage Depot (CMD) helps […]

Stated Income Loans


Do you desire to become an investor that owns and manages apartment complexes? Or say you own several homes and desire to manage your growing portfolio. If this sounds like you, then you likely have unusual income sources that do not meet certain loan expectations. Luckily, a stated income loan can help you get faster […]

Hard Money Loans


Hard money loans are yet another solution for when a borrower does not have the traditional income and credit scores needed to pass traditional underwriting processes. You can use them for either residential or commercial financing. Hard money simply refers to using the value of the asset (property) being funded in underwriting over the individual […]