In a recent study, a finding was noted that highlighted the growing rise of American real estate. According to that report, over $1.07 Trillion in existing home sales were recorded between the months of March 2010 and March 2011. It you look closely at that total, $82 billion in sales were produced by individuals born outside the United States, an increase from $66 billion the year prior. Out of this percentage, a large portion of these buyers were foreign nationals- non-citizens who resided in the United States and were in search of a permanent home.

In taking a look at today’s market, foreign national buyers are flocking to the U.S. housing market for second homes and to purchase investment properties.  To cater to this trend, mortgage guidelines have gradually eased for Foreign National Loans for these borrowers, as in the case with domestic ones. It should be noted that it is often difficult to obtain a mortgage for a foreign national at National Banks, as they usually do not offer this program to finance foreign national investment properties. However, the mortgage funding market has programs available. These institutional investors know the local real estate market and make common sense loan underwriting guidelines / decisions and are pleased in offering this type of financing to Non U.S. Residents,  Our international Foreign National Loan Program is tailored to each individual’s objective. 

Our foreign national loan programs feature light documentation with quick and easy approval.

Sample Required Documentation:

  1. Valid Passport and US Visa
  2. Copy of the last 2 bank statements
  3. Two credit reference letters
  4. Two banking reference letters
  5. For Self-employed: Accountant's letter stating the last 2 years of income.
  6. Employees: Employer’s letter stating the last 2 years of income.
  7. Copy of Corporation or LLC information ( if title will held in corporation)
  8. Copy of the purchase contract -Property types: Condominiums, Single Family Residences, Townhouses, Condo-Hotels, Luxury Condominiums.
  9. * Additional documentation may be required by loan underwriter / investor


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