Apartment Financing

Commercial Mortgage Depot is here to help real estate investors take advantage of the growth expected for many east coast multi-family areas. We can help fund apartment complexes from small to large and even ones that have complex ownership structures. Many neighborhoods in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania have some premium properties ready to change to new hands. Our team in Clifton, New Jersey has great resources for apartment financing on excellent properties around the area.

An Array of Loan Products for Apartment Financing

Many loan products can be funded through the Commercial Mortgage Depot. There are so many options available for apartment financing. We can help you offer a variety of term, both recourse and non-recourse. You can structure your terms with reliable rates and 30-year amortizations. We offer CMD Blanket loans for townhomes, 1 to 4 bedrooms, condos, and multi-family properties.

We also offer options if you’re looking to purchase and rehab, such as lines of credit, or CMD Fix and Flips with highly competitive rates. If needed, you can also investigate Stated Income Apartment Financing. We even offer foreign national financing. There are plenty of options available for investors looking for hard money sources, as well.

Proving your Apartment Financing Will Pay-off

We will review the income streams of your potential project carefully to ensure success. You should be prepared to demonstrate how you will cash flow the property from rents, security deposits, fees, laundry, and other types of amenities. It may be helpful if you understand performance and vacancy rates of surrounding properties in the area, as well. Photos and detailed information on the building may also be requested. Ensure you leave an adequate reserve replacement for needed major repairs, like rooftops.

Various Loan Terms and Conditions

There are a variety of loan offers and terms that Commercial Mortgage Depot offers. You can get firm or conditional commitments. If needed, we can offer you a non-binding letter of interest to help improve your credibility. We also look at the financial details. Replacement reserves, net operating income, and Debt Service Coverage Ratio are all important. We also view the age of the property, condition, etc., depending on if you are buying, rehabbing, or exchanging.

Getting the Best Apartment Financing

We employ professionally trained underwriters to work carefully with lenders. We want to provide you with a useful and accurate loan amount and are here to help with your needs. While it can be a very detailed process, we will work quickly with you to get the mortgage you need.  For great apartment financing, contact Commercial Mortgage Depot in Clifton, New Jersey. Get started on investing in all the great properties available around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

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